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Case Study: Emily’s journey with Wellington Orbit - A volunteer success story

Volunteering not only enriches communities but also empowers individuals with valuable skills and experiences. Emily’s story with Wellington Orbit is a testament to the transformative power of volunteering. This case study highlights how her involvement with the organization has equipped her with essential skills, boosted her confidence, and prepared her for future endeavours.


Emily started volunteering at Wellington Orbit with the aim of contributing to her community while gaining practical experience. She found the opportunity to be both rewarding and educational, offering her a sense of active participation and personal growth.

Experience and skills gained

Emily’s time at Wellington Orbit has been marked by numerous learning opportunities and personal achievements:

- Community engagement: Volunteering allowed Emily to actively participate in her local community, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

- Skill development: She acquired practical skills, such as working in the café, and honed her communication abilities through interactions with customers and team members.

- Personal growth: The supportive and welcoming environment at Wellington Orbit helped Emily build confidence and grow both personally and professionally.

Impact on career and education

Emily’s volunteer experience has been instrumental in shaping her career path and educational journey:

- Job preparedness: The hands-on experience and skills Emily gained have made her a strong candidate for job opportunities, providing her with a solid foundation for her future career.

- University readiness: The confidence and experience Emily acquired through volunteering have prepared her for the next stage of her life at university, setting her up for success in her academic pursuits.

Community and personal connections

Through her volunteer work, Emily has met many wonderful people, forming connections that she might not have otherwise encountered. These relationships have enriched her life, providing her with a supportive network and diverse perspectives.


Emily’s story illustrates the profound impact that volunteering can have on an individual’s life. Her journey with Wellington Orbit showcases how volunteering can provide valuable skills, enhance personal growth, and prepare individuals for future successes. Emily’s experience is a powerful example of the benefits of community involvement and the positive outcomes of giving back through volunteering.

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If Emily’s story has inspired you, consider volunteering with Wellington Orbit, find out more here > https://volunteertelford.co.uk/opportunities/cinema-steward-wellington-orbit

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