Volunteer Telford

Volunteer Telford

We are a partnership of Experts by Experience (Mums, Dads and Families), Service Providers, Commissioners and Other Professionals who have an interest in improving the maternity services in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin for the benefit of both patients and staff.

The Maternity Voices Partnership provides a way for this team of people to design and improve maternity care together. All these different people working together to share ideas and identify solutions for the design and improvement of maternity care is called co-production.

MVPs listen to the views of individuals, families and carers and use their feedback to further improve local maternity services. The function of the MVP however is more than simply to listen, it is a way of discussing challenges and ways of overcoming them, across Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin to provide co-produced solutions.

Our Aims:

To work together as equals, promoting and valuing participation. To listen to and seek out the voices of all women, families and carers using maternity services, making sure people from diverse communities have a voice, especially those voices that are difficult to hear.

To work together creatively and with respect, to develop solutions.

To use personal experiences as evidence.

To understand the importance of staff experiences and how that impacts on experiences for women, families and carers (and vice versa).

To hunt for continuous quality improvement with a particular focus on closing inequality gaps.


- Are you looking for new opportunity?

- Are you passionate about transforming local maternity services?

- Are you able to spare 2 hours or more per month?

The role of the Maternity Voices Volunteer is to meet new mums, and their families, and enable them to feed their experiences of maternity care into the planning and improvement of these services across Telford & Wrekin. We are looking for people who are interested in helping to make improvements in maternity care in Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin by helping to put local women at the heart of service development.

Ideally we would like expectant parents or parents with children under 2 years old, but others with the right experience and skills will be considered.

Our current opportunities include: Maternity Voices Volunteer


Louise Macleod

Tel: 01952 580321 

Email: maternity.voices@nhs.net