Volunteer Telford

Volunteer Telford

Communities Coming Together

In the heart of Oakengates Town centre in Theatre Square is The Wakes; a community venue opened in June 2017 by Mayor Stephen Reynolds.

Named after ‘The Wakes Week’ this community centre is a fitting tribute to a historic annual celebration dating back to the 1800’s. With the support and backing of Oakengates Town Council, The Wakes was created to provide services and events for local residents and houses the Town Council.

Oakengates Town Council has a number of exciting community projects and activities for all ages and are looking for volunteers to join their friendly team. These include senior socials and children’s activities.


Our current opportunities include:

Children and Families Early Help and Support – Group Volunteer 



Alison Hinks

The Wakes

Theatre Square

Lime Square





Tel: 01952 567500

Email: townclerk.oakengatestowncouncil@telford.gov.uk

Website: https://www.thewakes.org.uk/