Volunteer Telford

Volunteer Telford

Who can apply?

Anyone age 16 or over ,with suitable skills, can apply to join the JEM (Jubilee Event Makers) team.

Are there limited JEM places available, is there a selection process?

There are no limited places, we would like as many people as possible to get involved as Jubilee Event Makers.

How do I apply?

It is very simple to apply, just check first the roles available and then apply via the application button on each opportunity(s) you are interested in. You will receive a confirmation email and from that point, you will be part of the Jubilee Event Makers team!

Is there any deadline to apply?

There is no deadline, you can choose to join the JEM's (Jubilee Event Makers) team anytime it suits you – however, the earlier you get involved, the more likely you can select the events you want to support, so be sure you don’t miss any events out! Here (link to Events section) are some of the events happening next year, we will continue to update the list.

Which areas will I cover?  

All the events will be based in Telford & Wrekin – so whichever role you choose, it will only cover this area.

What roles are available?

Following Jem's (Jubilee Event Makers) roles that are available.



What would be my responsibilities?

Your responsibilities will depend on the specific Jem role (roles) you choose to apply for.

Assisting with the set up and or close down of events, assisting members of the public during the event, giving directions – are the ones covered in most of the roles.

To get an idea, here are some of the events happening next year, we will continue to update the list.

What skills do I need?

The skills required depend on the specific JEM role (roles) you choose to apply for.

Generally, good communication and listening skills, customer service skills as well as the ability to take direction from a volunteer coordinator are essential.  

How much time do I have to give?

How much, you decide! The amount of time you can commit to in a JEM role depends entirely on you, we only ask that you keep us informed so as to be able to manage resources and accommodate all requests for the events flow.

What support and training will I get?

You will be given a Volunteer handbook and you will be able to benefit from an optional training package as an induction to the role before getting involved in any of the events.

Information emails and 1 to 1 meetings will also support you all the way as a JEM.

Who can I contact if I need more information?

If you require additional information to the one listed in this section, please contact our Volunteering Team at get.involved@telford.gov.uk