Volunteer Telford

Volunteer Telford

Our Vision:

We are an arts organisation which supports and empowers learning disabled adults to explore, express and celebrate their creativity.

Our Mission:  

Arty Party is an arts organisation working from Telford and Shropshire. We provide training and showcase members’ creative expression through a range of art forms.

Learning disabled artists are supported to express their experience of being in the world through a working partnership with skilled person-centred facilitators who navigate the art making journey.

The learning disabled artists harness this process by creating their own art and running their own events.

Arty Party listens to the voice of its members, and uses this voice to help shape the direction of the company. Together we listen, learn, facilitate, create, develop, share and celebrate.

Our Core Value:

Ownership: to work with the ideas and views of members and staff in order to foster ownership and belonging.

Honesty: to build honest relationships with members, staff, partners, funders and the community, so we can work together, communicate freely, and feel safe.

Empowerment: to facilitate the development of transferable and specific skills, confidence and self-expression.

Learning: to continue to learn together, and never to believe we know all the answers.

Respect: to treat each other fairly, ensuring that our policies and procedures promote a healthy environment.

Awareness: to be open-minded, flexible and responsive, as individuals and as an organisation.

Support: to support members, staff and trustees to develop to their full potential.

Courage: to do what feels right, rather than what is expected – in art and in all things Arty Party.

Creativity: to create outrageously good art, opportunities, strong role models, partnerships and an organisation to be proud of.


Our current opportunities include: Arty Party Nightout Volunteer



Chad Addison

Tel: 07539 624414

Email: chad.addison@outlook.com

Website: www.artypartytelford.org