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Volunteer Telford

The Secretary

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The Secretary

The Secretary The secretary deals with all the other paperwork received by the Childcare Setting. The secretary will:

Draw up an agenda for meetings with the other committee members.

Notify members of the date and time of the meeting and send out minutes and agendas well in advance of the meeting. It would be good practice for this to be done at least 7 days before the meeting.

Book meeting rooms and other venues (if necessary).

Bring all correspondence to meetings, if urgent deal with as appropriate.

Write letters as directed by the committee.

Receive letters for the Childcare Setting and keep records of all correspondence

Inform Ofsted of any changes to the manager or committee members by completing an EY3, as required.

Ensure that all committee members and staff have received an enhanced Disclosure and Baring Service Check (DBS).

Ensure that all committee members have completed an EY2 with Ofsted.

Implement and update a Single Central Record Log that records all committee, staff and volunteers Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) details.

Inform Family Connect of any changes in opening times, session changes or fee rates

Inform Ofsted of any proposed changes in name, structure, opening times, session or change of premises or telephone numbers.

Inform Ofsted of any incidents / complaints within 14 days.

Ensure the Ofsted registration certificate is displayed on the notice board of the setting.

Ensure the Insurance certificate is displayed on the notice board of the setting.

Inform your Early Years and Childcare Consultant of any changes in committee members, staff or addresses for mailing. (VMC Update form)

Keep all essential documents safe and ensure relevant ones are displayed in the Setting during operating times.

Produce publicity materials as instructed by the committee and link with the manager to develop materials.

Assist with marketing the Setting.

Maintain an inventory of all equipment and review annually.

The committee can decide to delegate some of this work if necessary, some settings have a separate minute taker who deals with the minutes of meetings; others have a registration secretary for new families.


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